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evian® Brumisateur® the unique spray of natural mineral water from the Alps

In 1789, the Marquis of Lessert was enjoying the light, fresh taste of evian® water from a spring on his friend Mr Cachat’s property. He discovered evian® water’s benefits : his kidney stones were cured !

1824 saw the beginning of “Thermal Treatments” in Evian®, right at the source. Evian® water was used for drinking and also for bathing in, it quickly became very successful.

In 1878, The French Academy of Medicine recognized the benefits of evian® water.

In 1926, the Cachat spring was declared a « place of public interest » and the first protective area was set up around the spring.

The story in a pssscht...


The first evian® Brumisateur® facial spray appeared thanks to the ingenuity of two pharmacists.


First bottle design change for the Brumisateur® since its creation.


Bottle design change. This one was used for next 2 decades.


Sensual curves. New pack which won the « Prix Silver » (price for packaging)


Limited fashion version launch. Designers give the bottle a new look.


Baby 300 ml Brumisateur® launch. A bottle created specially for baby and mother


New brand design, new evian® logo for a refined pack, centred on the essential.

In 1962,the first evian® Brumisateur® facial spray was used therapeutically in dermatology in hospital, particularly to treat fire victims. It was two pharmacists who created the spray that was able to generate several million micro-droplets of evian® Natural Mineral Water mist onto injured areas of skin.