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Hydrate naturellement votre peau

evian® Brumisateur®
spray always close at hand:

  • in the bathroom
  • at the office
  • travelling
  • on the beach
  • playing sport

With its light mist, evian® Brumisateur® spray
hydrates, refreshes and tones your skin throughout the day. Using evian® Brumisateur® spray gives you an immediate feeling of freshness.

300 ml

In the bathroom,

for you or in the pushchair for your baby the 300ml spray is perfect for the whole family.


150 ml

Perfect for the car,

the train as well as the office. The 150ml spray helps to fight against skin dryness caused by air conditionning or by pollution.


50 ml

Very practical,

evian® Brumisateur® spray can go everywhere with you in your handbag


The 50ml is allowed in airline hand luggage for a moment of freshness and relaxation.

« There's no shortage of opportunities to moisturise your skin. This is also the chance to enjoy a relaxing, soothing freshen-up, so why deprive yourself? »

* 12h hours after last use. Tested over 14 days on 20 volunteers using it twice a day.

Discover the making of our shooting.                                                     Disocver the unique spray with natural mineral water from the Alps.


evian® Brumisateur®
the unique spray with natural mineral water from the Alps

Born in the heart
of the French Alps
15,000 years ago, evian®
natural mineral water is a geologi-
cal miracle. Deep inside the earth,
perfectly protected beneath dense
layers of glacial sands, each droplet
follows a 15 years journey to
acquire unique mineral balance. This
true miracle of nature is free from
any chemical treatment
pure as pure
can be.

evian® Brumisateur® spray cares for your skin on a daily basis with all the purity of evian® natural mineral water, Dermatologically-tested, evian® Brumisateur® spray is the ideal partner for all skin types, even the most sensitive.